How to create/join a Team Group

    This is a Guide to Create a Team Group


Go to the User Menu, Select Groups.

Select "Teams".

At this point, you can search for a

group and join it, or create a new group.

To create a new group, click on the

"New Group" link. This is the screen

you will see. We will cover each section it.

Fill out the name of your team.

Fill out the description. This is a

great way for someone to find out

information on your team easily.

You can ignore the boxes "articles,

rokbox, page brea, read more,

rokcandy macros, rok gallery"

unless you are familiar with Joomla coding.

Upload a logo for your team by clicking

the browse button and finding the logo

file on your computer. Once selected,

press the upload button and your logo

should appear in the box.

Set the level of all invitees. It is

recommended to set this to "Group Users"

Set the level of Nested Access. It is

recommended to set this to "Group Users"

Integrations: you need to go through

each tab to set the settings you want.

Once you are done, you can press the

"Create Group" button.

Once your group is created, you should

be able to find it by searching the

group/team listing.







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