How to reserve a Squad

The following is how to request a Squad slot for an Event.


Log in to forums.

Scroll down till you see the "Events" forum.

Select the event site you would like to post in.

Here you will see several "threads. IF you are a

Squad Leader, you will select the "Squad Reservations" thread.

This thread has each company's squad make-up. Please

pick an open slot and reply to the thread using the following


Squad slot, Team Name, Squad Leader Name, State your from

(ie. B-1-1 - Cerberus, SL-Ron Humphrey, Mississippi)

Sniper Team, Sniper Name, Spotter Name, State your from

(ie. Bravo Sniper Team #1, Ron Humphrey(sniper), Steven Humphrey(spotter), MS


Periodically, Administration will update the Company Rosters, if there are multiple squads requesting the same slot, Admin will contact those squads for resolution.








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