Squad Training Aid

Squad Training Aid
$25.00 each



Developed over twenty years ago by John Bucciarelli, Major, Infantry, US Army Retired. This one of a kind training aid accurately displays the spatial relationship between members of the squad in any tactical situation. The squad is the most lethal weapon ever designed - capable of fighting any opponent on any terrain in any weather. The efficiency of the squad is dependent upon the correct positioning of all elements to direct its combat power at the decisive point on the battlefield.

Squad tactics is the basic foundation for MILSIM. The squad training aid is an essential element in training your team. For more information on squad tactics, visit the online training courses at http://blacksheepmilsim.com/index.php/training/online-training.

Here’s a short video about the squad training aid –

The squad training aid including storage/shipping tube is available for $25 plus shipping and handling. Domestic shipping (continental United States) add $10. International shipping add $30. The squad training aid will be available at all Blacksheep events.







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