Blacksheep MilSim,

  • History

    When I was thinking of a name for my company, all kinds of silly acronyms were considered. 

    Then it dawned on me to go back to my roots in the Infantry.  I was the commander of B Company, 6th Battalion, 6th Infantry, 3rd Brigade, 1st Armored Division in Bamberg, Germany – we were the Bravo Blacksheep and I was Blacksheep6.  That was it – Blacksheep MILSIM. 

    My goal from the very beginning was to give players a taste of combat in as real an environment as could be produced safely.  Everything done at a Blacksheep event is based on military doctrine, training and operations.  I never ask players to do anything I haven’t done myself or soldiers aren’t doing everyday on deployment.  I create a battlefield environment and you create your own experience within it – it’s completely free-play within the rules and safety guidelines.

      John Bucciarelli

      Major, Infantry

      US Army Retired

      President, Blacksheep MILSIM

  • Leaders Are Made!



    “The most essential element of combat power is competent and confident leadership.  Leadership provides purpose, direction, and motivation in combat.”

    United States Army Field Manual 100-5, Operations

    Military leaders face the ultimate leadership challenge – to lead men and women into combat to defeat a hostile enemy, whose sole goal is to kill them.  Military members come from a wide cross section of society.  Regardless of gender, social background, ethnic origin, economic status, religious preference, physical ability, or educational level – the military leader must forge these men and women into a combat effective team capable of winning on the battlefield.



    Apply these skills in your MILSIM leadership role:


    Oral Communication


    Oral Presentation


    Written Communication










    Administrative Control


    Problem Analysis










    Physical Stamina


    Technical Competence


    Mission Accomplishment





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