Event Registration

How to Register for an Event.

NOTE 1: DO NOT use your back arrow during registration.

NOTE 2: Depending on the patches you have "earned" (military service, pathfinder events, etc), there may be discounts automatically applied.

1. You will need to first log into the Website.

2. On the Main Menu, please mouse over Events,

a. then mouse over Events again

b. select either "All Events" or the event type you wish to look at.

3. Select the Operation you would like to register for.

4. On this page is information pertinent to this specific Operation and AO. Please take the time to read this information, in addition to the OPORD and RuleSet.

5. Once you have read all the information for the Event, please scroll to the bottom.

a. Select 1 partcipant

b. Select book Now

6. IF you have received a coupon code for any reason, including but not limited to Vendors, Sponsors, Media, Staff, Command Staff, PTSD MilSim Challenge Donation, or Game Credit, please enter it in the "Coupon Code Box" and select apply. The applicable discount will be automatically applied.


7. Pick the Section you are wanting to reserve in. Please be aware of the criteria for each section. Several require permission from Blacksheep6 or Any Event Staff.

8. If you pick either Alpha or Bravo Company, please pick the Squad/Role you wish to fill. Also, please make sure the squad you are registering for has been requested in the applicable Squad Reservations forum.

NOTE A. Once selected, the position will be highlighted YELLOW.

NOTE B. Positions unavailable due to being filled will be highlighted RED.

9. Please scroll down to fill in the information for the Participant being registered.


10. Fill in the purchaser information.


11. Select confirm Registration. At this point, if you have a balance, you will be forwarded to PayPal to make payment. Once payment is made, you should be redirected back to Blacksheepmilsim.com.

12. Download and print the .pdf for your tickets and bring to the event for check-in.

12 a. you will also recieve an email at the email address you listed with a copy of the ticket.







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