Lesson 10 - METT-T


   METT-T is an essential weapon in your arsenal as a leader. This simple acronym is the process for your mission assessment - the first step in your Troop Leading Procedures.


 Mission - Who, What, Where, When and Why?

  *** Intent of the higher commander. Intent is unique to the military and is the commander's vision of success. When the plan goes to hell it gives everyone a clear picture of they should do to make the mission successful. From experience, intent has won many battles.

 *** Specified Tasks are those things you are told to do. Specified task = dig a cat hole if you poop in the woods.

 *** Implied Tasks are those things you should do. Implied task = make sure you bring toilet paper with you.

 *** Mission essential tasks are those you are trained to do.


 Enemy - who are you fighting?

  *** Strength - is it a squad, a platoon, the OPFOR or some indigenous force?

 *** Capabilities - What kind of weapons do they have? Do they have night vision? Do they have thermal vision?

 *** Most probable course of action.

 *** Where are they? MOUT or woods.


 Terrain - what kind of terrain are you fighting on?

  *** MOUT, woods, desert, jungle, etc.

 *** How can you use the terrain to your advantage?

 *** How can the enemy use the terrain to their advantage?

 *** You are either a MASTER of terrain or a VICTIM of terrain. The choice is yours.

 *** For you spring butts out there OCOCA is the next lesson. Another acronym that guides you through terrain analysis.


 Troops Available - how many folks do you have to assist in this mission?

  *** What is their current disposition? Well rested, tired, wet, hungry, down, up, etc.

 *** What equipment do they have?

 *** Does anyone have night vision capability?

 *** What's missing that is critical to your mission?


 Time - time is sacred in the military. Everything is synchronized based on time.

  *** How much time do you have to prepare for this mission? Figure out what must be done and what must be eliminated. Prioritize your effort.

 *** Backward plan from your start time and lay out your tasks. If you have more tasks than time allows, re-prioritize.

 *** There are no extensions. Meet the time hack or fail. It's that simple.








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