Lesson 21 - The Fire Team

  The fire team is made up of two buddy teams and a team leader.

  Remember we are talking basic squad tactics and the foundation for that is the fire team wedge. When you get more proficient, then you can get fancy with other formations.


    In this example and in all following examples, the following key applies:

    Team Leader is indicated by the RED circle with a "T".

    Alpha Buddy Team is indicated by the YELLOW circle with an "A" for the SAW gunner or automatic rifleman and the medic is indicated by a WHITE circle with a RED"+". I've put the SAW gunner and medic in the same buddy team so the medic can keep my support gun alive. You can change this arrangement based on METT-T.

    Bravo Buddy Team is made up of two riflemen, one may be a grenadier, and is indicated by WHITE circles with a "B".







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