Lesson 24 - MILSIM Squad

    Wow, it's taken 23 lessons to get here! I hope you understand the foundation required to operate as a squad - planning, shooting, moving, communicating and THINKING!

     The basic foundation for MILSIM is light infantry squad tactics. Every team should strive to become proficient at this level. Tactics at platoon and company level rely on competent and confident squads who can work together to accomplish larger missions.

     Operation Blacksheep is a squad based, 24 hour, force on force, objective oriented, continuous tactical simulation. It is an immersion event that will challenge you mentally, physically, tactically and spiritually. FRAGOs (squad to platoon size) are time sensitive missions conducted outside the main battle area against the Blacksheep OPFOR for points. A real time battlefield marking system is used and the cumulative points are tallied randomly every 3-5 hours - these are called SNAPSHOTS. LACE and REDCON reports control the flow of squads in and out of the battle.

     Teams sign up as squads on either Alpha Company (green) or Bravo Company (tan). Each company team develops a battle plan and squads work together to accomplish their mission - controlling objectives to score points. Since scoring is done randomly, it requires squads to remain vigilant and IN the game. If your squad leaves the battlefield, your entire company teams suffers. Operation Blacksheep is a marathon test of your squad's skills - plan and train accordingly.

     In your planning and training, build a squad with 9-13 players. Get used to working together and establish your Standing Operating Procedures (SOPs). We know that you train hard and want to play with your buddies. Operation Blacksheep never randomly assigns players to a squad - it just messes everything up. On the Blacksheep MILSIM website (www.blacksheepmilsim.com) you will find a recruiting section in the Forum. Use this to recruit for your squad or find a squad you can play with. This allows squads to find players within their area to train with prior to the event. That's an implied task - train together before the event. Ad-hoc squads rarely succeed or have a good time at Operation Blacksheep.

     Use METT-T and OCOKA to task organize your squad for missions. The pictures presented here are some examples of 9-13 player squads.

  Please note that regardless of the size of your squad, you are only authorized two medics and two SAW/AR per squad at Operation Blacksheep.

  The MILSIM Squad - 11 player formation is used in all the following lessons for consistency. The following key explains colors/symbols.


 > Blue circle with S = Squad Leader

 > Red circle with letter = A for Alpha Fire Team Leader and B for Bravo Fire Team Leader

 > Yellow circle with letter = SAW/AR for each fire team.

 > White circle with letter = riflemen for each fire team.

 > White circle with red "+" = medic for each fire team.

   MILSIM Squad - 11 players is the base squad and is based on the traditional light infantry rifle squad.

   MILSIM Squad - 9 players is a variant for a short squad.

   MILSIM Squad - 13 players is presented in either the Army two fire team formation

   or the USMC three fire team formation.







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