Lesson 26 - Actions at the Objective

    This lesson picks up as Bravo Fire Team is assaulting the objective - Phase V.

    Phase VI - When Bravo Fire Team closes in on the objective and is about to begin their sweep, the Bravo Fire Team gives the signal to lift and shift fires to Alpha Fire Team - in this case a whistle signal. Alpha Fire Team redirects their fire to cover the rear and front of Bravo Fire Team's advance through the objective. Be very careful of fratricide during this phase.

    Phase VII - Bravo Fire Team completes the sweep and says, "CLEAR". Direction of movement across the objective is 12 o'clock. Bravo Fire Team leader adjusts his team members in hasty defensive positions covering 9 to 12 to 3. On the "CLEAR" signal, Alpha Fire Team leader says, "MOVING" and moves his team members to hasty fighting positions covering 3 to 6 to 9. The squad leader moves to the center of the position.

    Phase VIII - Squad leader says, "REPORT". Team leaders quickly assess their fire teams and give the squad leader a LACE report - liquids, ammunition, casualties and equipment. Consolidate and reorganize based on shortages identified in the LACE report. Continue to improve your hasty fighting positions and prepare for counter-attack. Squad leader sweeps the objective for any intelligence or game items you were instructed to secure. Squad leader reports REDCON status to higher command. Based on instructions from higher command - continue to hold the objective or prepare for movement to follow on objectives.


Leader discussion points:

   1. Keep your game faces on - this is not a time for high fives and back slapping. You just fought hard to take the objective and there was probably a good reason you did that. That same reason applies to your opponent and they will want it back.

   2. Use METT-T and OCOKA to determine your next course of action. Use your own attack as a baseline of what your opponent might do to you. How do you prevent your opponent from repeating your success? Is there a better way to attack this objective now that you are standing on it?







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