Lesson 3 - Leadership


 "Leaders in our Army have a challenge. They must take care of soldiers' needs; develop them into cohesive teams; train them under tough, realistic conditions to demanding standards; assess their performance; assist them with their personal and professional growth; and reward them for their successes. To meet that challenge our leaders must be competent, and confident in their ability to lead. Such leaders will remain essential to our Trained and Ready Army, today and tomorrow." General Carl E. Vuono, United States Army, FM 22-100, Military Leadership

 "The most essential element of combat power is competent and confident leadership. Leadership provides purpose, direction and motivation in combat." United States Army, FM 100-5, Operations

 I spent 10 years researching and writing LEADERS ARE MADE! A Building Block Approach to Effective Leadership. I also received the Legion of Merit from the United States Army for leadership training, development and assessment programs I wrote for US Army Cadet Command. This isn't some little paperback - it's 8.6x11, hard cover and 432 pages in length. If you're serious about MILSIM or any part of your life, become serious about your leadership ability.

 Leadership has been described as an art by many authors. Leadership is an art - just as music, painting, drawing, woodworking, sports, and any other activity that requires skill, commitment and desire are considered an art. You would not expect to play a piano, craft a painting, sketch a picture, build a cabinet or play golf well unless you first learned the essential skills and then practiced those skills for a period of time.

  - Oral Communication   - Oral Presentation   - Delegation  
  - Written Communication   - Initiative   - Sensitivity  
  - Administrative Control   - Judgement   - Planning  
  - Problem Analysis   - Influence   - Organizing  
  - Mission Accomplishment   - Decisiveness   - Physical Stamina  
  - Technical Competence
      - Followership  

 This book is a "how to" guide on developing leadership skills in yourself, your followers and your organization. Leadership excellence is a lifetime pursuit - a continuum of learning, practice and renewal. With practice you will build a strong foundation of skills to confidently lead the members of your group to success in any endeavour your choose to pursue. Anyone can learn to be a leader!


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