Lesson 5 - Take Charge Minute

 In a combat situation you may be thrust into a leadership position at any moment. In a game scenario you will be called upon to lead your team. In many game situations ad hoc teams are created to form combat effective 11 person squads. This is an effective one minute drill to establish who's in charge and organize the squad. There are two effective training tools that help instill this methodology - "What now squad leader?" and "Bang your dead!". Always be prepared to fill the shoes of the leader one level above you.

 1. Stand up and introduce yourself. When in charge - take charge! If you are not in charge, be a good follower and give your leader the same respect you would want in his or her position.

 2. Designate Alpha Team Leader and Bravo Team Leader.

 3. Designate Alpha Team members and Bravo Team members. Ensure you have a SAW or automatic rifleman per fire team. Designate who your medics are - don't pick your hottest shooters because they will be distracted with shooting the enemy rather than healing the squad.

 4. Establish security: set up a squad perimeter to get their heads in the game.

 5. Designate 12 o'clock - an easily identifiable object that everyone can see to orient sectors of fire and report enemy contact. There is a following lesson on this.

 6. Assign sectors - Alpha Fire Team from 12 to 6 and Bravo Fire Team from 6 to 12.

 7. Initiate Troop Leading Procedures - see Lesson 4.








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