Lesson 7 - Reporting Enemy Information

     Blacksheep events are squad based, force on force and objective oriented - which means your squad will be operating on a company team to control objectives against another company team that wants to control them too. That's how points are earned throughout the game - it's cumulative. If you are not controlling terrain, then you are not winning.

     The last game we ran at Pine Plains had 24 squads on each company team. Reporting enemy information is important to keep not only your squad informed but all the other squads on your company team. Information is time sensitive and must be as accurate as possible.


To accomplish this, the Army has a SALUTE report:

 - Size

 - Activity

 - Location

 - Unit

 - Time

 - Equipment

 That's a mouthful to transmit quickly! In most combat situations and games, you know what unit you are fighting and the equipment they are carrying, if you see something unusual report it.

 Most units have condensed this down to SALT:

 Size - how many do you see?

 Activity - what are they doing?

 Location - where are they?

 Time - when did you see it?

 This shortened version is easy to transmit over the net and alerts everyone to what is happening. It also gives the command group a picture of what's happening on the battlefield. Get on and off the radio as quickly as possible and don't clog the net with useless chatter.








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