Minor Policy

Operation Blacksheep events are 18+ for a good reason – it’s hard enough to get adults to play the game correctly.  This event will challenge you mentally, physically, tactically and spiritually.  We expect the players to demonstrate the highest standards of sportsmanship, respect and honor during our events.  You will be challenged on every level.

Over the years I have been approached by many to allow minor players to participate in Operation Blacksheep.  I have held firm to the 18+ restriction because I had no means available to screen minor players.  I have also been told by numerous veteran squad leaders that if we opened the event to minors they would not come.  There has been an unwritten policy that allows minors to participate on a case by case basis.

Some minor players do have the maturity, physical stamina and tactical proficiency to participate in Operation Blacksheep.  There have been a handful of minors who have participated in Operation Blacksheep over the years.  They have all risen to the challenge and had a blast doing so. 

Here is the process:

The minor must be part of an adult squad/team.  I will not approve a whole squad of minors participating.  Adult supervision and responsibility must be present.

The squad leader must contact me personally by email and vouch for the minor’s capabilities to participate.  Provide a contact telephone number, because I will want to talk to you personally about it.

If the minor player is approved by me, I will send the MINOR WAIVER to the squad leader by email.

The minor player must get his/her parents or legal guardians to sign the MINOR WAIVER.  The MINOR WAIVER has a block on it for the parent/legal guardian driver license.  Make a copy of the MINOR WAIVER with the driver license and then fill out the form.  This provides the picture identification of the parent/legal guardian and signature verification.

The minor player must bring the completed MINOR WAIVER with him/her to the onsite event registration.  Failure to bring the completed form with them will prevent the minor player from participating in the event.

Picture identification is required of all participants at all Operation Blacksheep events to verify identity and age.  Failure to present picture identification at an event will prevent the player from participating.  Many of our events are on military installations and we must meet the security requirements – to avoid confusion we use this policy at all of our events.

If you have any questions, contact me directly.  I personally approve all exceptions to the 18+ requirement for Operation Blacksheep.








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