MOUT Tactics



“Successful combat operations in urban areas depend on the proper employment of the rifle squad. Each member must be skilled in moving, entering buildings, clearing rooms, employing hand grenades, selecting and using fighting positions, navigating in urban areas, and camouflage.”

United States Army – Fm 3-06.11, Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain



MOUT is the most difficult environment to fight in.  It is a multi-dimensional world that requires attention to detail, discipline and team work to be successful.  Battles are fought and won in a very methodical manner – room-to-room, building-to-building and street-to-street.  Successful combat operations in urban areas require skills that are unique to this type of fighting and supplement those covered in the MILSIM Tactics Manual.

The tactics, techniques and procedures described in this manual are designed for soldiers in a combat environment.  Your challenge is to adapt them to make you a better player in a game environment.

Believe in the power of the tactics!

 See you on the game field.

 MAJ John Bucciarelli (Retired)  “Blacksheep 6”



Leadership Building Blocks      

Leadership Procedures  

Take Charge Minute       

Five Point Contingency Plan   

Reporting Enemy Information      



Characteristics of Urban Warfare     

Actions on Capturing POWs    

The Clock Method            

Warning Order             

Operation Order (OPORD)      

Arm & Hand Signals   

Verbal Commands & Signals   

Individual Movement Techniques    

Defense Priority of Work       

Fighting Positions          

Fundamentals of Precision Room Clearing   

Battle Drill for Entering Buildings and Clearing Rooms              

Battle Drill for Hallway Clearing

Battle Drill for Clearing Stairway      

Reflexive Shooting     

Squad Urban Operations Kit      








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