Blacksheep Rule Set

Blacksheep Rule Set

Operation Blacksheep is a squad based, 24 hour, force on force, objective oriented, continuous tactical simulation. It is an immersion event that will challenge you mentally, physically, tactically and spiritually. FRAGOs are time sensitive missions conducted outside the main battle area against the Blacksheep OPFOR. A real time battlefield marking system is used and the cumulative points are tallied randomly every 3-5 hours. LACE and REDCON reports control the flow of squads in and out of the battle. We adapt this model to the terrain and the number of players to provide a consistent experience that grows as player proficiency grows.

The rules are simple and initiative is encouraged. Everything is designed to facilitate a fluid battlefield environment that reinforces squad tactics, teamwork and camaraderie. Items highlighted in RED are insurance requirements.

1. SAFETY is the highest priority at Operation Blacksheep. A formal risk assessment is done for every event and risk mitigation measures are implemented to reduce or eliminate hazards. Safety considerations are briefed to the chain of command – squad leaders and above – at the Mission/Safety Briefing on Friday night and reinforced at the pre-game formation on Saturday. Everyone is responsible for safety. There is a fine line between HOOAAH and stupid!

2. BARREL COVER: The key element is to prevent the accidental discharge of a BB in goggle free areas – transportation, assembly areas, camping areas, parking lots, stores, movement to and from the engagement area, command posts, etc. This is an additional layer of risk management which compliments standard weapon safety procedures – finger off the trigger until required to shoot, weapon on safe until required to shoot, and weapon cleared with magazine out in goggle free areas.

3. PHYSICAL CONTACT – None! Prisoners of War (POW) fall in this category – None!

4. HONOR is the foundation of this sport. The highest standards of sportsmanship are expected of every player. There are no anonymous faces or teams at Operation Blacksheep and you will be held accountable for your actions.

5. CALL YOUR HITS is every player’s individual responsibility. Most arguments on the field start with the perception that someone is not calling their hits. There are two ways to look at this situation – in the heat of battle and all geared up the player did not notice the hit or you are not as good a shot as you think you are. The official rule at Operation Blacksheep is shoot them until they call their hits. Don’t argue about it; call an OC for blatant hit calling problems.

6. RED RAGS are the universal signal that you’ve been hit. This is another area that causes consistent problems on the field – player’s get pissed when they continue to be shot at. Operation Blacksheep is an immersion event and the fog of war is ever present. Assume your opponent will not hear your verbal signal when you yell “HIT”. Wave your red rag to visually signal you’ve been hit – wave it out the window, over the wall or from behind the tree and wave it where you got hit – that’s the part of your body your opponent can see. If you continue to get hit, it means your opponent can’t see your RED RAG!

7. LIGHTS AT NIGHT are used to signal HITS during limited visibility. Operation Blacksheep uses a three color system to reinforce Identification Friend/Foe (IFF). Each player is responsible for having the correct light for their respective company team – Green for Alpha Company, Red for Bravo Company and Blue for Blacksheep OPFOR/Staff. The same visual signals for RED RAGS apply to the use of lights at night.

8. SAFETY KILLS – there aren’t any, unless the tactical situation dictates or refer to RULE #1. Most Operation Blacksheep events are held on urban training facilities. Just imagine assaulting into a room and yelling “safety kill” – they will shoot and then laugh.

9. AREA KILLS – there aren’t any, you must be hit by a BB. Leave all that NERF stuff at your local field! Grenades are authorized and must be below 120 db and cold fuse. Fireworks and homemade devices are not authorized. Refer to Rule #1.

10. SEMI ONLY reinforces the role of the SAW/AR in the squad – you have to think about where you want to position the weapon. Your weapon must be capable of firing semi and it will be checked at CHRONO. Trigger modifications are discouraged and may prevent you from using that gun in the game – this isn’t paintball.

11. MID CAP ONLY makes you think about ammunition management – rates of fire and resupply.

12. BIO BBs ONLY to minimize clean up and environmental impact.

13. ORANGE TIP is required. It is important to differentiate our toys from the real deal, especially when most Operation Blacksheep events are conducted on military training facilities. If the orange tip is the only thing that gives you away tactically, great job!

14. SMOKE is authorized. They must be commercially procured and cold fuse. Smoke is not authorized for use in buildings or confined spaces – refer to Rule #1. Red smoke is not authorized for player use.

15. CHRONO – Your gun will be marked with a tamper proof label. If you change guns during the event, you must chrono the new gun before reentering the game. Spot checks of chrono will be done randomly throughout the game.

FPS LIMITS: The following FPS requirements are with .25 BBs:

- Rifle platforms = 400 FPS

Support Weapon Platforms = 400 FPS

- Sniper platforms = 500 FPS with a minimum engagement distance of 100 feet

- Equivalent Joule ratings may be used


16. AUTOMATIC FIRE RESTRICTIONS – each squad is authorized two automatic weapons, SAW/LMG or equivalent. Automatic fire may be used to fire into a building or out of a building. Use of automatic fire within a building is PROHIBITED, If a weapon is serving a support function in the game it can not be fired inside under any circumstance (ie switching to semi), Recommended you carry a pistol for use indoors. – refer to Rule #1.

17. PROTECT YOUR EYES and FACE – if you are doing things tactically correct, the minimum target you present to your opponent is your gun and your FACE. Protecting your face also gives you confidence to conduct close quarters combat without hesitation, this is a mandatory requirement and can be anything from a full facemask to a schemag or face wrap. Refer to Rule #1.

EYE PROTECTION: full seal and ANSI rated are required. Mesh eye protection is authorized with glasses underneath. The key element is to protect your eyes from all directions and the potential of shattered BBs.

EAR PROTECTION: The key element is to protect the soft tissue of the ear and the ear canal. There are no prescriptive measures outlined to meet this requirement. The following are examples of solutions: radio headset, helmet, head wrap, schemag or wrap around mesh mask.

FACE PROTECTION: The key element is to protect the soft tissue of the face, mouth and nose, teeth and nasal cavity. There are no prescriptive measures outlined to meet this requirement. The following are examples of solutions: head wrap, ski mask, schemag, mesh mask, plastic mask or full integrated paintball style helmet.



18. MINOR WAIVER is available for those players who are part of an adult squad. Squad leaders must vouch for the maturity, physical stamina and tactical proficiency. Contact Blacksheep6 for more information.

19. UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLES (UAV) are authorized for use during the game. Operators must maintain a safe altitude - low altitude operations near players or buildings is NOT authorized. DO NOT shoot at UAVs - this could cause loss of control and a significant danger to those on the ground. Refer to Rule #1. Any use of UAVs must be approved by Blacksheep6 after demonstration of flight and safety measures.

20. MEDIC RULE is the foundation for Operation Blacksheep. It is used to maintain unit integrity, provide a fluid tactical scenario and reinforce squad tactics based on fire and maneuver. Squads will remain together throughout Operation Blacksheep. There is never a reason for a player to leave his/her squad. Squads will ALWAYS move as a unit.

a. Each squad will have two medics designated, one per fire team. Medic role may be transferred from one “LIVE” player to another “LIVE” player ONLY at the faction’s CP at the discretion of the Squad Leader.

b. When a player is “hit”, a medic can regenerate the “wounded” player once a bandage is tied on the left arm of the wounded player. If a medic is “hit”, another medic can regenerate the “wounded” medic once a bandage is tied on the left arm of the wounded medic. A player may NOT regenerate another player. If both medics in a squad are hit, then the squad must withdraw to the command post or get a medic from another squad to regenerate the wounded medic. A medic from another squad may use the bandages from the wounded medic to regenerate the wounded medic.

c. There is no time requirement for a medic to regenerate a “wounded” player. The medic must get to the wounded player and as soon as the bandage is tied the wounded player is back in the fight.

d. Each medic will be issued eight (8) bandages for use within the squad – total bandages per squad is sixteen (16). Bandages must be tied to the wounded player’s left arm. When all bandages have been used the squad must move to the Command Post for resupply. There is no limit on the number of times a squad may be resupplied with bandages. This is a MANDATORY WITHDRAWAL.

e. If an entire squad is “wounded” or a squad has used all of its bandages, they must move as a squad to their respective Command Post to be regenerated after 10 minutes and then remissioned. This is a MANDATORY WITHDRAWAL.

f. Wounded player(s) must remain in place when hit. Another player(s) must simulate dragging the wounded player(s) out of the kill zone to a medic.

g. BLEED OUT - If the tactical situation prevents retrieving the wounded player(s) from the kill zone – too many additional casualties would be caused – then the wounded player bleeds out after 3 minutes. After the 3 minute bleed out period, the wounded player(s) may move on their own back to their squad. Once rejoining the squad a medic can regenerate the player by placing a bandage on the wounded player(s) left arm.

h. Squad leaders must report Readiness Condition (REDCON) to their Command Post at required intervals as determined by the Commander, upon request from the Commander or when the squad reaches the following thresholds. This is important information for your Commander and replicates actual military reporting requirements, although the thresholds have been modified for game purposes. When reporting, Squad Leaders must identify the reason their squad is at a certain REDCON level – LACE: liquids, ammunition, casualties and equipment – and your ability to fix the problem. This allows the Commander to determine the correct course of action for that squad – resupply, reinforce, relief in place or withdrawal. In some cases it may be advantageous to withdraw a unit to the CP for 5 minutes and send a REDCON 1 squad back into the fight.

*** REDCON 1 *** Squad is 100% mission capable on personnel, weapons, ammunition and water. (11 squad members are ready)

*** REDCON 2 *** Squad is 75% mission capable on personnel, weapons, ammunition or water. (10-8 squad members are ready)

*** REDCON 3 *** Squad is 50% mission capable on personnel, weapons, ammunition or water. (7-5 squad members are ready) REPORT THIS LEVEL TO COMMAND

*** REDCON 4 *** Squad is 25% mission capable on personnel, weapons, ammunition or water. (4-1 squad members are ready) REPORT THIS LEVEL TO COMMAND

*** REDCON 5 *** Squad is 0% mission capable on personnel, weapons, ammunition or water. (0 squad members are ready) If a squad suffers 100% casualties they must disengage from the area they were defending or attacking with red flags on their heads and move to their respective Command Posts for regeneration and remission. THIS IS A MANDATORY WITHDRAWAL for personnel, weapons, ammunition or water.







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