Squad Tactics


 Thank you Dylan Deynoodt for use of this video. He filmed this on his own and allowed us use of it on our website for promotonal purposes.  He has made a lot of great of airsoft videos and Blacksheep Event videos, please check out his YouTube Channel for more videos.



MILSIM players are motivated and well equipped.  This manual attempts to complete your military simulation by giving you the skills to compete on the game field more effectively.  The tactics, techniques and procedures described in this manual are designed for soldiers in a combat environment.  Your challenge is to adapt them to make you a better player in a game environment.

Believe in the power of the tactics!

 See you on the game field.

 MAJ John Bucciarelli (Retired) “Blacksheep 6”



Leadership Building Blocks                  

Leadership Procedures                   

Take Charge Minute             

Five Point Contingency Plan  

Reporting Enemy Information     



Actions on Capturing POWs               

The Clock Method                

Warning Order         

Operation Order (OPORD)         

Arm & Hand Signals              

Individual Movement Techniques         

Buddy Team Movement/Communication     

Temporary Fighting Positions     

Fighting Position Characteristics   

The Fire Team             

Fire Team Bounding                   

The Squad             

Squad Movement                    

Fire Team Defensive Position                    

Squad Defensive Position       

Platoon & Company Operations              

Offense Combat Drill                       

Defense – Priority of Work             

Defense – Responsibilities            

Patrolling – Sequence of Events          

Patrolling – Friendly Unit Coordination        

Conduct a Deliberate Ambush           

Conduct a Hasty Ambush     

Knock Out an Enemy Bunker             

React to a Near Ambush          

React to a Far Ambush             

React to Sniper/Observation Post (OP)          

Conduct an Area Reconnaissance     

Conduct a Meeting Engagement                 

Map Reading – Compass                   

Map Reading – Azimuth/Back Azimuth         

Map Reading – G-M Angle Conversion         

Map Reading – Intersection     

Map Reading – Resection             

Map Reading – Modified Resection     








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