Blacksheep MILSIM offers a variety of classes to establish a basic proficiency level within the sport.

The basic military training principles of CRAWL, WALK and RUN are applied to all courses.  The CRAWL phase is classroom instruction.  The WALK phase is open field practice.  The RUN phase is a live fire exercise with After Action Reviews (AAR) conducted after each engagement.

Minimum attendace is 22 to provide two squads for training in force on force drills.  Higher attendance numbers may be required to cover travel expenses.

The cost is $20-25 per person for one day courses.  The cost is $40-50 per person for a weekend package.  Field fees are in addition to these course costs.  

Age requirements for training are based on the insurance carried by the local sponsor - normally this includes players 10 years old and up.  Insurance is covered by the hosting entity.

Contact Blacksheep6 to discuss scheduling a training course or package.  Custom packages are available and include a modified training/operation weekend event.


Current courses offered:


Squad Tactics (this course is a prerequisite for all other courses)

MOUT Tactics



Night Fighter







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